Why Germany:

Firstly, Germany has not only in Europe but also worldwide one
of the best education systems. People recognize everywhere “made in
Germany”. It’s a seal of Excellence. In the field of Engineering and Science you can be benefitted from all the recognized Universities in Germany. A German university degree is highly respected by employers around the world.



Germany is popular among the foreign Students because in
most of the Universities you don’t have to pay tuition fees. Yes, you have heard it right. The Education is free here except a few universities in the State Baden Württemberg.

Working Opportunities:


In Germany its easier to get mostly all the Engineering
Subjects. As Germany is one of the Powerhouse for Engineers. And while
studying you get the opportunities to work as a “working student” in renowned companies which enriches your CV later for the professional life.
During the Study period there are also opportunities to work in the University. They call it “Hiwi Job”. Its like working on various subject related projects. In worst case there are thousands other job opportunities to work as a student. So don’t worry if you have a financial concern. During your study period you can work 20 hours a week and in vacations you are allowed to work 40 hours a week, which means full time. Isn’t it great?

Living :

The Students usually get Student Apartment from the University and
its relatively cheap. Students usually get this if they apply timely and the
procedure is not that tough. Specially foreign Students get more priorities.
There are also other options to live outside the campus. Mostly the student
apartments cost around 270-320 Euro per Month, which is very cheap. There are also apartments for couples in case you are married and come together.

Food :

In Germany you get the opportunities to taste the foods from all over
the world. If you are true bong, don’t worry, you will get fishes here. There are lots of Indian and Bangladeshi Stores everywhere. So you will get all the desi foods here. And in most of the Supermarkets you will get different types of food at a reasonable price.

Health Insurance:

In Germany you must have a health insurance. After landing here you can go to their recognized insurance companies and it will take minutes to get it done. There are lots of options, once you will be here, you can choose your own.


After finishing your studies you get 18 months to search for a job. And
its enough. Usually students who want to live here find a job in-between.
Germany is a top industrial based country, therefore job opportunities are
really high here.